About Horny Mike

You don’t need anyone to customize your helmet. Horny Mike has the solution for you.

Horny Mike

After years of making custom horn helmets by hand, Michael Henry (Horny Mike) decided to take his horn helmets to the next level, and is now mass producing horns for the public. Now you don’t need anyone to customize your helmet, you just need some of Horny Mike’s new stick-on horns. Young, old, girls, or guys will find these horns are simple to apply to any helmet. Apply the double stick tape to the bottom of the horns, and stick to your helmet, it’s really that easy… just how Horny Mike likes it.

Retailers welcome – wholesale prices available.


  • No Drilling, No Screwing
  • Removable & Reusable
  • Will not damage your helmet
  • Paintable and Moldable
  • Double stick tape included
  • Made from very strong ABS Plastic
  • Tested at 200 MPH (not recommended – see Disclaimer)
  • Designed to cut through the wind, and will not come off in the wind
  • Plastic but thick and tough enough to take some abuse
  • Hollow and light weight, 1 set of small devil horns only weighs about 4 ounces, 1 set of large devil horns only weighs about 7 ounces
  • Mix sets of horns to create crazy horn helmets that no one will ever forget
  • Holds very strong to the helmet and are designed to break off in a crash, wind resistance is different from blunt force

IMPORTANT NOTE: These novelty helmets accessories are not DOT approved. Horny Helmet Accessories provides motorcycle helmet accessories to the biker community. Among the fine products offered are novelty horns for helmets. While novelty helmets and accessories may seem to afford some protection, be advised that these helmets ARE NOT Department Of Transportation approved for use on a motorcycle or other motorized vehicle, on or off the road, and is only to be used for novelty or display purposes. It is not intended to be used as or considered to be safety equipment. If you get into an accident and suffer an injury while wearing these helmet accessories, or if you get a ticket for wearing a Non-DOT approved helmet accessories, Horny Helmet Accessories assumes no liability whatsoever.